By booking any activity with Karma Diving & Yoga, you unconditionally agree to the General Terms and Conditions of Sales (referred to as our GTCS) stated below.


1°)Office booking

- Required deposit is 30% of the total price upon booking.
Please make sure to inform us of any problems you may encounter, we might be able to help when we can. For Dive Master Courses, a 30% down payment is due before course starts.

2°) Online booking:

To benefit from our online rates and to guarantee the booking, a deposit payment must be made at least 48 hours prior to the agreed start date of the booked activities.
Please note that if deposit is not received in due time, customers will no longer benefit from our online rates and Karma Diving & Yoga retains the right to resell the scuba diving activity/and or activities. Karma Diving & Yoga reserves the right to suspend, to reschedule and/or to cancel any course, program or dive services and/or withhold certification until deposit payment is received.


Cancellation should be send by email to or IN WRITING through Whats App (+62 812 3850 4880) or in person directly to the management team at our office in Toyapakeh. No cancellations will be accepted by any other means. Cancellations must be received & acknowledged by the management team of Karma Diving & Yoga to be valid.

a) If you contact us at least 24 hours prior to the start of the activity you booked with us, we will do our best to reschedule your booking if you wish to. If Karma Diving & Yoga allows activities booked to be rescheduled, the rescheduled activities must take place no later than a month after the initial booking date. Note that additional charges may incur for activities booked to be rescheduled.
If you can’t or do not wish to reschedule, Karma Diving & Yoga will refund you only if the cancellation is received at least 24 hours (twenty four hours) prior to the agreed start date.


On 11/08, you want to cancel for your dive activity starting on the next day, the 12/08 at 7.30 am. You will get a refund ONLY if you cancel at 7.30 am the latest on the 11/08. Administrative fees and any transfer and/or bank fees incurring from the refund will be deducted from the total amount reimbursed.

b) If you cancel less than twenty four hours before the start of the activity, we will not be able to refund your deposit.

Refund ways :

- Cash payments : refund in cash.
- Payments made by any other means: refund by bank transfer or refund by card (only if the card machine settlement was not made at the time of the cancellation) within the following 30 days of Karma Diving & Yoga acknowledgement of the said cancellation.


No refund or compensation is due payable by Karma Diving & Yoga for any unused activities. It means that people who do not show up at the agreed time or do not complete training / trips for any reason, are not entitled to a refund in full or part of the total cost.
Failure to complete course requirements for any reason caused by the customer could result in additional charges being made to complete the course at a later stage. This includes not being able to demonstrate competence to meet the performance requirements as laid down by the Course Standards. These charges will cover staff time, any other dive fees, equipment and material requirements, surface time, vehicle or transport charges etc.


Karma Diving & Yoga reserves the right to rearrange the order of any itinerary, to cancel or substitute elements of any schedule without prior notice when local conditions (non exhaustive list: weather, waves, marine conditions,…) constrain such changes.
Karma Diving & Yoga and the dive guides on the boat can prohibit participation on dives at their discretion based on lack of respect for marine park rules and regulations, lack of respect or “handling” of any marine life, drugs and/or alcohol consumption before and/or between dives or failure to abide by international safe diving practices. In these cases no refund will be granted to the customer for the missed dives and/or activities.


Karma Diving & Yoga acts only as agent for the person or companies providing accommodation, transport, snorkeling activities or any other outsourced services hereafter called Service Providers and Karma Diving & Yoga issues all documents based on, and asks customers to refer to the Service Providers’own terms and conditions.
The customers acknowledge that neither Karma Diving & Yoga nor its affiliated companies, employees or agents shall be responsible or become liable in contract or tort for any injury, damage, loss, delay to person or property, additional expenses or inconvenience caused directly or indirectly by any Service Provider or by “force major” or other events beyond Karma Diving & Yoga’s control, including, but not limited to war, civil disturbance, pilferage, delays, severe weather, Acts of God, Acts of Government, accidents to or failure of machinery, equipment, vehicles or industrial disputes.
Karma Diving & Yoga shall not be liable for, or responsible to, any Guest in the event of dissatisfaction based on personal opinion regarding the standard of service provided by any Service Provider nor be liable or responsible for any disappointment, distress, lack of enjoyment arising from any act or omission whatsoever. Karma Diving & Yoga will only acknowledge liability in the case of proven justified complaints in writing relating to specific and tangible inadequacies of facilities, or services provided directly by Karma Diving & Yoga. In the event of such a complaint, the customer is requested to immediately contact Karma Diving & Yoga, for remedial action to resolve any problem or irregularity at that time.


Karma Diving & Yoga strongly encourages its customers to obtain a fully comprehensive travel insurance package that covers accident, baggage, medical expenses, personal liability and effects as well as trip cancellation/interruption when a reservation is made. We also strongly recommend our customers to use a company that covers any travel disruption due to technical malfunction/cancellation of planes and/or any other mode of transportation to Nusa Penida, including travel disruptions due to natural disasters including but not limited to volcanic activities, earth quakes, flooding, severe storms.
In the event of customers not being unable to show up for the booked services on the agreed date, due to such events, no refunds from Karma Diving & Yoga will be granted.
Please be advised that if customers choose not to carry travel insurance, Karma Diving & Yoga will not be held responsible for any financial loss caused by reasons beyond our control.
Diving insurance: this is the customers’ responsibility to obtain a diving insurance and Karma Diving & Yoga cannot be held liable for customers participating in the activities offered without adequate insurance coverage. Customers are strongly advised to control with their travel policies if scuba diving is covered.
Customers who forgot to take an insurance policy can subscribe to a short term dive insurance (Karma Diving & Yoga recommends Dive Alert Network (DAN) and can help you arrange it from our office.)


Karma Diving & Yoga is not certified to give the customers any medical advice. If you are unsure about any medical matter, please seek advice from a certified general practitioner before scuba diving, and similar activities.
In taking any dive course, or engaging in any dive activities, regardless of previous experience or training, Karma Diving & Yoga requires a complete medical Questionnaire to be filled out in good faith.
The activities proposed by Karma Diving & Yoga can be demanding, and customers are therefore required to be reasonably fit to participate and enjoy these activities. Discomfort, displeasure and pain resulting from the inability to do and/ or resulting in the said activities as a result of physical unfitness are not ground for complaint or refund.
If you have any health conditions, are currently medicated or have had any illness, injury or operation that may affect you whilst diving, please let the staff of Karma Diving & Yoga know in advance. Failure to inform the staff about this may result in your inability to dive. Should we have any valid reasons to suspect a potentially dangerous medical condition, we reserve the right, at any time, to require the customers to provide medical clearance to resume dive activities. This medical clearance should be realized by a doctor specialized in hyperbaric medicine. Failure to provide such clearance upon Karma Diving & Yoga’s requests disallows refunds or compensation for dives/activities lost.
If you are allergic to any form of medication, please state this clearly in writing during booking process.
If you need additional help, health advice, or medical topics, feel free to get in touch directly with the Karma Diving & Yoga management team.
Please let the staff know about any food allergy or special diet you might have, so we could arrange a special breakfast for you.
In case you would need any assistance, further advice on health or medical subjects, please feel free to contact us.


Karma Diving & Yoga cannot be held liable for and will not be responsible for personal injuries, property damage, or wrongful death that may occur during activities arranged, booked or performed by Karma Diving & Yoga. There are inherent risks associated with all activities offered by Karma Diving & Yoga, and those risks must be accepted and accounted for. Karma Diving & Yoga is neither negligent nor liable if accidents happen as a result of acts or omissions of other third parties.
Karma Diving & Yoga cannot be held liable for and will not be responsible for loss or damage on personal items such as individual dive equipment, camera and video equipment, hand phones, strobes and other accessories, passports, flight tickets, jewelry etc.


If departure of your dive trip is not advisable – or may be dangerous to the life or health of the passengers or to the boat, due to conditions such as: bad weather, perils of the sea, Acts of God, political incidents, force majeure (i.e. tsunami, typhoon, severe storms, earth quakes…) then the captain has the sole discretion to delay or cancel the departure.
Likewise, during the trip – if bad weather or force majeure (i.e. tsunami, typhoon, severe storms, earth quakes…) events occur making the return to the port inadvisable for boat and passengers– then the captain shall have the right to delay or postpone return until conditions allow, and make adjustments to the itinerary that may include cancellation of, or the re-sequencing of the services booked.
Warnings issued by the Indonesian Meteorological Departments and warnings issued by the National Park Authorities will be adhered to without question.

Karma Diving & Yoga shall not accept any financial responsibility for any itinerary changes or cancellations resulting from circumstances outside of our control, such as, but not limited to, those stated above in Force Majeure.

In the event of a trip being cancelled due to insufficient reservations we will alert you as soon as we become aware of this possibility. In these circumstances we will take all reasonable steps to ensure you receive an alternative and comparable service or give you a full refund less handling fees.


To partake in any scuba diving activity, you must hold a certification from a recognized scuba diving agency such as SSI, PADI, CMAS, FFESSM, SDI-TDI (non exhaustive list). Please ensure you have a copy of your most recent certification card and dive log to be presented at the instructors.
It is your responsibility to provide proofs of your qualification to participate in any diving activities prior taking part to it.
Failure to show your certification may result in not being able to dive on the trip. This does not apply to Discover Scuba Diving Scuba or Scuba Diver Course or Open Water course where you are learning to dive, or programs that allows participants to take part without scuba diving certification.


In the event of political unrest, civil unrest, military conflict, flight cancellations, or any other risk to customers or vessels due to political unrest, Karma Diving & Yoga has the right to cancel any trip to this destination.
In these cases, we will re-schedule your booking at no extra cost. However, under these circumstances we are unable to consider this justification for you to cancel your trip, and will therefore not be able to authorize any refund or compensation for these events..


If changes in your trip or your booking or any other changes occur, it is your responsibility to inform Karma Diving & Yoga as soon as possible. Karma Diving & Yoga will not be responsible for problems arising from your failure to adhere to instructions given by emails or by correspondence (e.g. late changes to your booking, failure to satisfy documentation requirements etc).
All rates are given inclusive of taxes unless otherwise stated. Rates are subject to change without prior notice and are only guaranteed by booking confirmation. Please note that the number of dives we list in any offer is a best estimate based on normal circumstances, not a guarantee. Circumstances may arise during your vacation (weather, illness, personal choice) where the total number of dives done is less than the number you booked, in this case Karma Diving & Yoga will not be able to refund you.
We will do our best to correct any errors on your part that we might make. Also, there may be occasional errors on our part that could, for example, result in a error in price or other detail presented on our website being incorrect. In this case we will revise the terms in the spirit of mutual satisfaction, regardless our right to cancel the contract pertaining to the said error. In this case this will be done without any liability to you.


We are required by law to hold on to your personal details for a period of 5 to 7 years. Karma Diving & Yoga commits to treat your details with discretion and will never share them with a company other than the training agency requesting us to keep these available.
Note that credit card details are not held by Karma Diving & Yoga in any case and that should you communicate your bank details to us they will be safely disposed of immediately after the agreed use.


Should you feel disappointed, displeased, annoyed, angry or have any disapproval or objection with Karma Diving & Yoga’s services or/ and our team,
please advice us as soon as possible. We will make sure your complaint is listened and welcomed as a feedback and an opportunity to improve us. Please let us know as soon as possible by describing your experience in writing or in speaking if you feel that you have been wronged before or during your time with us.
The more information we will receive from you (dates, names, and facts), the more we will allow Karma Diving & Yoga to better investigate the matter you report, and you will ultimately help the company providing a better service to you and other customers.

First and foremost, let the person in charge present at the time know about your disapproval:
– Make sure that you express any dissatisfaction clearly, with exactitude and at the soonest possible opportunity, so any problem can be resolved on the spot if it can be.
– Inform the captain and/or the staff conducting the activity. By letting our staff know the specifics of what the issue is, and how they may help, it is most likely possible to resolve the issue.
– Should the staff in charge and present at the time not be able to resolve the issue please ask to speak to Karma Diving & Yoga’s management team. They will do their best to find a reasonable solution to the said issue and provide support.
– We will always welcome constructive criticism, will acknowledge any faux-pas on our part and act to take corrective actions when we need to do so. Feel free to be forthright and to lodge a formal written complaint within fifteen days of the said issue to give us a chance to make things right by you.