holiday diving dive yoga bali Nusa Penida ecology environnement indonesia ssi padi

Having respect for the environment is one of our main priorities. That’s why KARMA DIVING & YOGA is a proud team member of the local environmental stewardship association known as «BGreener ». BGreener is a network of highly motivated entrepreneurs involved with promoting eco-tourism and sustainable development around the beautiful province of Bali, Indonesia.

Removing plastic water bottles from our lives is one of the simplest things we can do to decrease our enormous global plastic consumption. Nusa Penida, being an isolated island still lost in paradise, does not have suitable nor reliably safe drinking water. Our primary method to combat this plastic epidemic is to insist on the need to bring or purchase a reusable bottle that can be refilled at any of the numerous RefillMyBottle stations around the island.

Karma Diving & Yoga is a proud partner of the RefillMyBottle program and the proud distributors of Nazava filters, which are able to convert virtually any water into safe potable water. Nazava and RefillMyBottle, although separate entities, both aim to provide safe drinking water and reduce plastic water bottle consumption among the entire Bali province. By using a highly advanced carbon-based filtration system, Nazava boasts an affordable and environmental solution to two major issues surrounding the local area ; and by providing a GPS synchronized free downloadable app, RefillMyBottle is able to boast the same. The Karma Diving & Yoga Dive Center, located in Toyapakeh, offers TWO Nazava fountains at its RefillMyBottle station which are always easy accessible in order to encourage guests and other visitors to eliminate their plastic bottle consumption and opt for the more eco-friendly solution !

Trash hero
Karma Diving & Yoga actively participates in local beach clean-ups and other local clean-up projects in collaboration with the well-known Trash Hero Organization.

Karma Diving & Yoga Merchandise
Exclusively available for purchase at the Karma Diving & Yoga Dive Center, we offer: reusable 75cL aluminum canteens, durable cloth tote bags, and washable bamboo straws.

 holiday diving dive yoga bali Nusa Penida ecology environnement indonesia ssi padi

We are convinced that scuba diving and yoga are not only two great ways to boost «good karma vibez,» but are also two great ways to spread social awareness on the important environmental issues that our world is facing today. Through education and activism, we believe that we are able to encourage our guests and students to make small lifestyle changes that will collaboratively have an amazing postive impact for all !

Join us in our mission to make the world a better place by starting with small, everyday gestures and conscious living.