• Minimum age to participate: 12 years old
  • Prerequisites for certification: Open Water Diver / 1st aid (must be valid)
  • Number of theoretical sessions: 2/3
  • Number of sessions in Pool / Protected environment: 1
  • Number of dives in natural environment: 3

  • Maximum depth for training: 30 meters

  • Duration for the training program: 4 days

Being SSI React Right / Stress and Rescue Diver allows you to expand your knowledge of safety and to be able to pay more attention to others. With simulations closer to reality, you can put in practice the rescue for a third party or yourself until the arrival of help. You will be able to recognize stress situations, manage them and prevent the risk of accidents.

SSI React Right training teaches first aid on land. The SSI Stress and Rescue training teaches you how to handle emergencies at sea.

The training takes place over 4 days and breaks down as follows:

Day 1: React Right Training / First Aid.
Day 2: Theory of Rescue and exercises in the pool.
Day 3: 2 dives at sea.
Day 4: 1 dive at sea.

You will have access to course content via SSI . or via the MySSI app available on the Appstore or Googleplay .

You now have the opportunity to continue your training through an SSI specialty program.
You have the possibility to make additional Fun Dives by taking advantage of our student rate (discount of 10%).